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My Staff

Here I am greeting Bunter after my debut in the breed ring at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2006.  For such a tall person she certainly topples over rather easily.  I must encourage her to eat more.  She tells me that the show judges think I am too thin. All I can say is that it's a good thing they don't have to judge her! She never even would have been accepted into Westminster with that physique.  But I have trained Bunter rather well in the art of caring for me.  She is generally very attentive to my every wish and she tries very hard, which is the main thing. We disagree about the propriety of me sticking my nose into her morning cereal (as a bloodhound, I reserve the right to snuffle absolutely everything) but apart from that I think I have I molded an excellent valet.  Of course, she still has not mastered the fine art of cooking the perfect omelette, but I am very patient with her over this.  Frankly, I think she would be lost without my guidance on this and all other matters.
Bunter lives on the Upper West Side where she devotes an insanely huge portion of her life (her view, not Wimsey's) to taking care of the Great Hound.  Sad to say she has very few hobbies and interests other than the pursuit of the ultimate liver treat, although she has developed quite an ear for discerning the preferred timbre of a squeaky toy. Wimsey very much enjoys her company on his survey tours of his Central Park Estate and Bunter is ever hopeful that she can exhaust him enough to make him desist in his bed wrestling activities. She can be reached at


This is me with Elizabeth enjoying a quiet break during a busy day of working on my book. My presence on the street attracts quite a bit of attention, so I find it imperative to the quality of my work to take frequent breaks. As you can I see, I don’t agree with those who think that a largish dog like myself can’t be a lap dog. It just requires deciding which bits to put where. And although Elizabeth is rather a small woman (in fact, I aspire to outweigh her, which I am sure I will do soon as I fill out more) she is a surprisingly cushy one.

Elizabeth lives on the Upper West Side and Wimsey finds her geographic proximity very convenient for entertaining him. Before working with Wimsey, Elizabeth worked on Wall Street as a biotechnology stock analyst. She is also a current volunteer with the ASPCA. Nothing, however, prepared her for Wimsey. She can be reached at





This is me posing for a photograph with my personal photographer Jay. Jay is a very talented fellow and although I am incredibly handsome, Jay can always find a way to make me look even better. He is very patient and allows me take my time getting into character for each shot in the book that we are doing together. He doesn’t mind when I sniff the air currents around me and let fly with a bay or two as part of my process. He just chuckles in that admiring way he has. I think he has a true appreciation of the artist at work, being one himself. And of course he is also a lot of fun to play with, although he is very particular about drool on his camera lenses. And he doesn’t permit me to get into his photography backpack. But I will.

Jay lives in Brooklyn with his lovely wife Naeemah and rescued pit bull Stella. Wimsey approves of Jay rescuing a fellow canine in need just so long as the competition for Jay’s affections stays in Brooklyn. Jay is originally from Oregon — a place that Wimsey hears contains many richly scented woods, like a giant version of Central Park — and specializes in photographing urban architecture. And of course, Wimsey. He can be reached at

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