Wimsey Trivia

Full Name: Ewine's RMZ Crk's Wimsey



Birthday: 03/19/2004 Long walks in the park Kibble without wet food
Color: Black and Tan Cuddling on the couch Gentle leaders
Height: approx 27 inches Snuffling things, particularly sleeping humans Being measured (no need for this, I am the perfect size)
Weight: 115 lbs. and growing Unrolling the toilet paper Being ignored (just try it! Hah)
Breeder: Janet Earlywine Attention  
Breeder: Lily Luster Admiration  
Handler: Diane Ammerman Camera lenses  
Wrangler: Elizabeth Silverman My entourage  
Photographer: Jay Lajoie Shredding stuffed toys  
  Plastic soda or water containers  
  Playing with dogs  
  Playing with humans  
  Stinky things  
  Belly rubs  
  Liver Treats  
  Whole roast chickens  

Favorite New York Moment:

Passing Joan Rivers on the street, having her point to me and declare "Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!" (Is there a red carpet in my future?)

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